Animation illustrating how changes to Diez source code trigger visual updates to web, iOS, and Android apps.

The Design Token Framework

Diez radically reduces the cost of delivering a consistent visual identity across your company’s apps & websites.

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What is Diez?

Diez is a free & open-source developer toolkit for expressing visual styles that can be shared across codebases, native platforms, and teams.

Diez's toolkit comes in three parts:

1. Design token framework

Use TypeScript to compose design tokens into scalable and extensible collections of styles, themes, and visual guidelines. Your brand identity fits right here — as code.

From colors to typography, drop shadows to border radii, gradients to usage guidelines, logos to icons: if you can imagine it, you can express it in Diez.

diez compiler

2. Cross-platform native compiler

Build any Diez project into pure native libraries for iOS, Android, or Web, ready for any new or existing codebase.

Optimized for native-developer ergonomics — with autocomplete, inline documentation, and package manager support for iOS, Android, and Web: Diez makes it easy for everyone to rally around a common design language.

3. Design file extractors

Diez Extractors compile design files into Diez-ready TypeScript — pulling colors, typography, image assets and more right out of your favorite design tools.

Automate your design-to-development workflow by treating design files as versionable code artifacts.

Design File Extractors: Sketch, Figma, InVision DSM

Built for Design Systems

Diez is the perfect base-layer for your design system, supporting any UI component library or native codebase with a centralized set of visual styles. Update once, update everywhere.

design system design system

Scales like a dream

Import, reuse & reference: great for composing multiple brands with shared assets & styles.

Strongly typed from end-to-end, Diez scales to thousands of files, hundreds of codebases, and dozens of teams without skipping a beat.

Infinitely customizable

Diez is built around plugins: from the platforms it supports to the kinds of data you can express. No matter the requirements of your design system — whether you’re wrangling one brand or a hundred — you can customize Diez to fit your needs.

Diez is free and open source

Take it for a spin with our demo project, docs, and step-by-step guides.

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